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Eco-friendly Lunch Box

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Eco-friendly Paper Lunch Box 




The product was made of craft papers certified to green products with no harms to human bodies just like the paper pots using water solubility and its reliablity was enhanced by FDA and FSC certifications.



A total of 6 parts can be divided by partitions for practical use.


1. Raw Papers

S’IN paper lunch boxes are single-use paper lunch boxes certified by FDA, ISO and FSC and using coating agents which are not harmful to human bodies.  They are products with complete reusability considering not only human but also the environment.


2. Ease

Anyone can easily assemble the box to use. The products were made for single-use and therefore easily disposable after use.


3. Emotional Design

The products are single-use lunch boxes with trendy designs and packagings focusing on emotional and warm feeling by craft papers while expressing a variety of individualities.


4. Green Materials

Our paper pots are green products made of special papers based on our own technologies. Coating agents without films were used to product paper pots.  Paper pots are assembled types without harmful adhesives.


5. Coating Agent of Our Own Technology

S’IN does not use films but eco friendly coating agents. We have our own technology to apply the one and only eco friendly coating agents in Korea to papers and such technology is protected by the patent. Thus other companies cannot produce similar products. The test for conformity as food packaging materials showed that there are no materials harmful to human body.



All pulp craft papers used without bleaching

No Endocrine disruptors generated or no harm to human body by hot water or food due to use of water solutible coating

Inexpensive price

Easily divided food

No burden for picnics or travels (simplicity)

High water- or oil-proofing but food leakage may be caused by huge movements





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Eco-friendly Lunch Box