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Company introduction 

Greeting everyone! S.IN is a company changing what anyone thinks into reality.  

S.IN is specialized in eco friendly packaging products based on our motto of eco-friendly taking into account human.  

We are committed to development of designs combining new senses and trends based on technologies of new concepts to enhance the value of our products meeting the customer needs by participating in international exhibitions every year.   

In addition, we have sufficient technical skills and experts required to produce the best quality products and provide advanced services with affordable prices and optimized delivery. 


company introduction  


2013.03  S..IN established

2013.09  Certified to ISO 9001:2008

2013.10  Researched and developed eco friendly paper pots

2013.12  Released paper pot products (eco friendly paper pot) and registered as a mail-order business

2014.01  Developed and released food packaging products

  Folding cases, paper packs (eco friendly lunch box)

2014.06  Legal entity, S’IN Co., Ltd. established

2014.07  Certified to Eco Labeling for eco friendly special papers

  Patent registered for eco friendly special papers

2014.08  Certified to ISO 14001:2004  




Paper Containers: Paper Pot, Paper Lunch Box, Paper Cup, Foil and Pulp Mold

Packaging Materials: Shopping Bag, Manila  


Heat Resistant PLA: Tumbler, Infant Tableware, Household Goods

Bio Based Plastics: Single-Use Plastic Products



Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameS,in
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2013
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main Markets
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentSeungKi Park
  • Phone+82-31-946-6120
  • FAX+82-70-8323-2370
  • Address344 Hajiseok-gil paju city Gyeonggi-do
  • Product Category Home & Garden > BBQ, Grilling & Outdoor Cooking
    Home & Garden > Other Kitchenware
    Sports & Entertainment > Camping


  • 기업부설연구소신청서(product)

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  • PL보험 가입증서(product)

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  • ISO9001:2008(product)

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  • 크라프트 원지 FSC 인증서(product)

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  • 특허증 종이용기(product)

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  • ISO14001(product)

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  • 시험성적서(product)

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